Turn Over A New Luck is a fan episode.

Starring Roles


The episode starts off with Jinx and Butterfly talking. As they arrive in the ice cream shop, Butterfly stopped by to greet the rabbits nearby. Jinx enters the shop first, only to find out that the line reaches to the end. Jinx, unsatisfied, becomes angry, making all people who was in front of her melt without her knowing. Butterfly enters the shop and accidentally bumps to Jinx, making her ice cream fall, causing Jinx to cry. Suddenly, a tornado appears and swoops the ice cream shop, blowing Butterfly away. She kept spinning until the tornado came across a cliff and she falls. She survived the fall and sighs in relief. Suddenly, the roof of the shop falls on her head and squashes her to death. Jinx, on the other hand, noticed that the shop was not there anymore so she walked away, only to be run over by a car.


1. Many Generic Tree Friends melt to death by Jinx.

2. Butterfly is squashed by the ice cream shop's roof.

3. Jinx is run over by a car.


1.This is Butterfly's and Jinx's debut episode.

2.When Jinx was run over by a truck, this may have a reference to Double Whammy Part 2, when Flippy was run over by a truck.

3. The title is a reference to the phrase "Turn over a new leaf".

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