Tusky is a seaman walrus. He is friends with Russell. He enjoys making and sailing ships.

Tusky, the Walrus
Name Tusky
Gender Male
Interests Sailing
Color Cyan
Size Large medium


Tusky was born in the Arctic circle like most other walruses.He liked boats and ships and went to ship museums when he was a kid. When he was five, he got about his first ship. He learned what the different parts of the ship were used for and what they were called. He moved to the Town when he was 17 because they had good Nautical schools.

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​List of Deaths

  1. A Bad Case of Scurvy: Ran over by Scurvy's ship.
  2. Todds, Todds, Everywhere: Drowns in a sea.
  3. Song of the Siren: Eaten by a large dog.
  4. A Sailor's Gory: Died in a shipwreck.
  5. Squidding Around: Collided with Snooty and Cranky.
  6. Hex Marks the Spot: Splattered against a wall by a crate.

​List of Kills

  • Snooty and Cranky - 1 ("Squidding Around" ​along with Quacks and other sailors​)
  • Todd - 1 ("Todds, Todds, Everywhere")
  • The Mole - 1 ("Gloomy Affairs" ​along with Quacks​)
  • Drake - 1 ("Gloomy Affairs" along with Quacks​)
  • Pop - 1 ("Gloomy Affairs" along with Quacks​)
  • Devious - 1 ("Gloomy Affairs" along with Quacks)