A list of Constructifriends that may or may not become Constructifriends in the future.


Incinerator is a black cat with brown stripes. He is shown to be a coward and has appeared in some roleplays. He has also been signed up in a Roleplaying group. He forms Devastator's right ear and his War State is uncomfirmed.


Swindle is a scarlet wolf. His body has numerous silver streaks in it, and as his name suggests he is a theif. He has been listed as the arch nemesis of Lifty & Shifty. He forms Devastator's left ear. His war state has been described briefly with a bazooka protruding form his stomach.


Steamhammer is a wolf of an uncomfirmed color. It has been comfirmed that he is mean and enjoys the harassment of others. Also confirmed is that he has an eight ball for an eye due to an unnaturally large eye socket. His War State has mechanically operated large hammers with shock absorbers. The part of Devastator he forms is uncomfirmed.


Dreadwing is a white and pink cheetah. He is shown to talk a lot and tlks very fast. He claims to be unable to talk fast without talking very slowly. All about his War State that has been comfirmed is the fact that he can fly while in it. He forms the middle of Devastator's back.


Grindor is a Dodgers Blue porcupine. He is shown to where a leather jacket, a chain around his wrist, and sunglasses, enforcing the fact that he is all about cool. In war state he has grinders, smokescreen generators, an EMP, and a missile launcher, as well as the ability to hover with a helicopter-like grinder on his back. He forms the inside of Devastator's mouth.


Knockout is a dark red honey badger. He is apparently merciless and fierce and wears a mask and a fedora, and also carries around a crowbar for protection. He forms Devastator's right wrist.

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