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Reported by Vanilla
"Hey there Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki! I'm Vanilla and I'll be your host for today's newsletter thingy! There's a lot of things to read over this month! And there's a special section dedicated to admin, 1MysteriousEnigma! If you're wondering why Foster isn't reporting for 1ME *cough* for obvious reasons *cough*... she had secret spy stuff that I'm not s'pose to talk about. So, I guess I'm doin' it now! Anyway, as a run down, the wiki has really taken a turn... for the better! The rules have been revised, the wiki has received a new design, and much more! Read over everything that's been going on and be sure to vote in the polls! Thank you! And this is Vanilla, signing off! And happy new year everyone! Let's make 2016 a wicked year! See ya!"
News & Updates...

New Wiki Design
We hope everyone had a great Christmas! Ever since Christmas ended, we have now gone back to our roots with a purple and pink theme for the wiki! What all has the wiki gotten with the new theme? We received a new background with half fanon characters and half canon characters. And after a very long time, we finally have a new bottom banner! As a top banner, it's a simple pink and purple bubbly background! And finally, we have a new navigational design! The tabs are now different colors and it features Bun on it!
Administrative Evaluation
So, Ms. Featured User herself really did the wiki a favor by evaluating the site's admins very carefully. What did she do? She opened a a forum about the admin team really coming together to fix up our growing wiki. She said, "I wanted to give this a try because the fate of HTFF largely depends on the staff. It’s sort of a test of faith: Some may consider this to be a bit biased or unjustified, but it’s a start and we can work on fixing it up if there are ever more to come. I merely want to provide a few pointers, but there had to be a reason following behind each one in order to do this." With this forum, she listed 4 "weak links" on the staff team who should play their part as admins a bit more. (Read the thread here...)

Crossover Characters
Crossover characters have been something we as community have been really eager to discuss about. While half of the community thinks they are useless and serve no purpose, the other half thinks they should be allowed back on the wiki for the enjoyment of others. So naturally, a discussion was opened to discuss the fate of crossover characters. The result... it ended in utter chaos. And started in utter chaos. Hell, the whole thing was chaos in general. While it is a fairly controversial topic to talk about, it may be a while before we as a community can come together to formally discuss the fate of crossover characters. If you want to have your say about crossover characters (and not fight about it), be sure to vote in the polls and leave a comment below.
Rules Revision
Ah... isn't 1ME great? She's seriously been on a roll! This time, she had the genius idea to go over all of our wiki's rules and make a run down of all the unfair rules. Don't worry, the rules page is now fully changed and even has a new design! Is there a rule you feel like should be changed or removed? Leave a comment below! Click here to see the and improved rules page and click here to see the full run down.

Featured User...




1MysteriousEnigma has won the Featured User for January! Congratulations! 1ME has hands down made her mark on the wiki. Being one of the most iconic and best users this wiki has to offer! I mean come on, how could anyone hate her? Here's what some users had to say about her:

One of my favorite internet friends, she tries her best to help other people, she is really great at solving arguments. I mean, shes almost perfect here. She even made me my icon. Thanks 1ME.


- Captain Sans Nightmare

I swear 1ME... you are a god.


- EmeraldPit

She's OK. She can be a bit tricky sometimes XD


- TheJoshinator2015

About her creations. She is the creator of the impressivly popular character, Foster! Not only that, she's also the creator of the amazing spin-off, Happy Tree Town In A Raid Of Tyranny (ROT)! You should seriously check them out!

She's also considered to be the best admin on the entire wiki! She's extremely helpful, calm, and just hands a down an awesome person to be around. Without her, everything would be in chaos! She's the main one who keeps this whole wiki together and makes sure that everyone is alright and not hurt! Honestly 1ME, you make everything so much better! You're an amazing admin, person, and friend! Congratulations for winning Featured User of January 2016! You deserve it!

Want to nominate someone to be the Featured User of February? Now you can! Visit the new Featured User board and nominate someone! Don't worry, it works the same way as Featured Character!


How do you feel about Crossover Characters?

The poll was created at 20:36 on January 1, 2016, and so far 22 people voted.
How do you feel about the admin team?

The poll was created at 20:49 on January 1, 2016, and so far 18 people voted.

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