Here is the voting phase for the 2016 Fanon Awards. It closes on the fourth, where the results will be posted a day after.

Sorry for the slight rule change, but I might have slighly needed to get this overwith.

You may only pick one of each category this time. A winner of two categories descending will be selected daily until the deadline.


  • Favorite Canon Character: Flippy, Tiger Soldiers, Lifty, Shifty, Handy, Sniffles, Toothy
  • Favorite Canon/Canon Shipping: Handy/Petunia, Cuddles/Giggles
  • Favorite Canon Episode: Concrete Solution, Ipso Fatso, Shard at Work, Eye Candy, In a Jam, Take a Hike
  • Favorite Canon Game: Deadeye Derby, Run and Bun
  • Favorite Canon/Fanon Shipping: Foxie/Sniffles, Russell/Coral the Merfox, Fungus/Petunia, 
  • Favorite Fanon Character: Starlight Glimmer, Frostbite, Dawn, Noc Noc, Silhouette, Ace, Dino Digs, Flynn,
  • Favorite Fanon/Fanon Shipping: Josh/Stacy, Kiwi/White Kiwi
  • Favorite Fanon Episode: Three Tails to Tell, The Great Pumpkin Head, Nightmares Before Christmas, In Space, No One Can Hear You SQUAWK!, Rest in Yeast
  • Favorite Fanon Spinoff: Happy Insect Friends, Creepy Cryptid Friends, Aussie Outback Friends
  • Favorite User: AuroraFlaky, Sugar&Spicearenotspecial, BuckAndChuck, WinkleKinkle, BlueMegaH3rtz
  • Favorite Admin: Sandgar, Lord O' Darkness, HTF1234
  • Favorite TreeBook Page: Coral the Merfox, Bun


Note: Since there was only one nomination for TreeTube page and Fanon Game, there already is a determined winner for them.

  • Favorite TreeTube Page: Todd
  • Favorite Fanon Game: Happy Tree Friends Adventures

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