Several Tree Friends have been teleported and depicted as R.E.D. classes as they fight Saxton Hale.











Saxton Hale


The 9 classes spawn in RED's resupply and they hear Saxton Hale say:

"Whats wrong hippies? Dont you want to live forever?"

Enraged the classes charge out of the base when Saxton Hale comes down and Goomba-stomps the Sniper (Squish). Frightened, The Pyro (RoboStar) ariblasts Hale and runs away. Hale sees a Soldier (Superspeed) and a Heavy (Fatty) and he charges at them However, they give a strong resistence until Hale superjumps and crushes Fatty and he rips Superspeed's heart out. He then feels a Spy (Trippy) backstab him and punches him to death. A medic (Ava) has an Ubercharge ready and deploys it on an Engineer (Howdy), rendering him invincible to Saxton Hale's attacks. However Hale has them cornered, killing them when the Ubercharge dies out. He chases the Scout (Britton) but struggles to catch him. He gives up and sees a Demoman (Spite). Spite, having no escape routes, is forced to place sticky bombs all over his body, which explodes and kills him while sending Hale into the air. He sees Britton and chases him again unaware Britton is luring him into a trap. Saxton Hale runs into a barrel of bombs and Robo Star(Still a Pyro) Detonates them, killing Hale. Britton and RoboStar high-five each other unaware a bomb that didn't detonate instantly explodes killing them both.


  • Squish was goomba stomped by Hale
  • Fatty was crushed by Hale
  • Hale rips Superspeeds heart
  • Trippy is punched to death
  • Hale corners Ava and Howdy and kills them when the Ubercharge is gone
  • Spite blew himself up
  • Britton and RoboStar die when a undetonated Bomb blows up

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