Episode 4 violet by stitch62633-d571w0m
Violet is an episode of Happy Tree Land.



  • Violet


  • Mimi
  • Casey


Mimi meets a new friend, named Violet, and a lot of her classmates are gossiping about her. According to the gossip: When she was five, she made an art piece for the art show but someone came and made her art look awful. So, Mimi just asks her if she wants to be friends. She says yes, so Mimi shows her the Happy Tree Land, having some fun there. But, Violet and Casey are stopped by Violet's bullies. The bullies then show their true form, which is in the form of trolls. When the trolls attack Mimi, Violet uses her magic power to save her. Violet then says sorry. She is now part of Mimi's team.

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