Scene 4
Must be hungry, isn't he?
Internet Season: 1
Episode Number: 4
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Previous Episode Ice Cream, You Scream
Next Episode Mountain of Trouble

Want some rip with that? is a fan-made Happy Tree Friends episode. This episode introduces Torn and Rip, the two that are always ready to eat!


Rip gets hungry, so he looks in his pocket and he finds a taco. He quickly eats it, but he chokes on it and spits it out.

Then we see Torn next to a tree when he dies from the taco flying through his head.

Rip sighs after he saves himself from the taco. However, another taco falls into his head.


"Never eat a taco!"


  1. Torn dies when the taco passes through his skull.
  2. Rip dies when the taco falls and impales his skull.


  1. This is the debut of Torn and Rip.
  2. You can watch the episode here.
  3. The taco used is Taco's body from Inanimate Insanity.


  1. The taco does not go through Torn, but simply passes in front of his head.
  2. Rip chokes after he swallows it and says "mmm".
  3. Torn's brain does not show when he dies.
  4. Rip sounds as if he is dying slightly before he is impaled with the taco.
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