Wanted is the Ka-Pow series for Ziggles. It is based off of Her evil form, Zigz. It shows the events before she was dead and the adventures of her killings. It was named Wanted for the same reason for W.A.R Journal and SSSSuper Squad.


Zigz is a red and black cat with sharp teeth and claws. She is a serial killer in an unknown town far from Happy Tree Town.

She had driven a black and purple hearse at the start, and then would roam around randomly killing people. After Zigz killed a citizen once again, the police's vehicles tried to kill her. Zigz then jumped on one of the vehicles, grabbed one of the soldiers, snapped his neck, and kicked him out of the vehicle. She than piloted it, laughing evilly and crashing into the another police car. It slammed into civilians, and more police vehicles blasted their weapons. Zigz than crashed into a building, then planted an explosive inside the police car, and went up the elevator to a new section.The bomb exploded, leaving countless dead soldiers. As Zigz evilly laughed once more, she heard anothet explosive ticking. It was an even bigger bomb, and it was almost about to explode. Zigz started to panic, as in the elevator, she was getting closer to the explosive without spotting it. Zigz looked around, but then the elavator stopped to the next floor. Zigz went in shock as she saw a huge explosive right in the front window of the tall building, and the person next to it, was Scarlet, Zigz' enemy. Zigz than tried to push the button of the elevator but became stuck. Scarlet, smiling evilly, jumped out of the window, killing herself. Zigz then screamed as the last two seconds of the bomb ticked. Then, the entire building exploded, and a huge explosive wave spread. This was the death of Zigz. In the ending, an epilogue shows up, although it shows nothing. It shows a huge hospital, and then Zigz' soul enters the hospital.


  • In the epilogue, it can be possible that Ziggles was born at the time of this event, as she is in the hospital. This may be the starting of what Ziggles is now.

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