Robo Star and Puffy arrive at a pond to have a nice, refreshing swim. Robo Star

Robo Star in the fan verison of "Water You Wading For"

jumps straight in, but Puffy doesn't join him. He refuses to jump in with Robo Star, pointing to a "No Swimming" sign, despite Robo Stars' constant attempts to convince him. He soon finds the sign is there for a reason.

As Robo Star attempts to get Puffy into the water, he is viciously attacked by a group of piranhas. Then, he is knocked about like a beach ball by a pair of seals. With all this happening, Puffy tries to help Robo Star, but his fear hinders his efforts. He tries to reach the pond with a small stick from behind a tree far away.

Robo Star tries desperately to get away from the pond, but on his way out he is covered by a crocodile's jaw and brought back in. Fighting for his life in the crocodile's mouth, it's only a matter of time before his strength fails. After the fight, Robo Star is left crawling out of the pond, missing his lower half.

As he crawls for safety, a huge whale emerges from the pond and lands on top of him. Slipping back into the pond, the whale reveals Robo Star only as a pool of blood and random chunks of skin. Then, finally jumping into action, Puffy throws a life preserver to Robo Star' remains, a little too late to save his poor friend.

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