Even a two-tailed fox understands the sign.
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Groundskeeper Willie


The Whale
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Torn Groundskeeper Willie and toothy arrive at a pond to have a nice, refreshing swim. Groundskeeper Willie and toothy jumps straight in, but Torn doesn't join him. He refuses to jump in with Groundskeeper Willie and toothy, pointing to a "No Swimming" sign, despite Groundskeeper Willie and toothy' constant attempts to convince his. He soon finds the sign is there for a reason.

As Groundskeeper Willie and toothy attempts to get Torn into the water, he is viciously attacked by a group of piranhas. Then, he is knocked about like a beach ball by a pair of seals. With all this happening, Torn tries to help Groundskeeper Willie and toothy, but his fear hinders his efforts. He tries to reach the pond with a small stick from behind a tree far away.

Groundskeeper Willie and toothy tries desperately to get away from the pond, but on his way out he is covered by a crocodile's jaw and brought back in. Fighting for his life in the crocodile's mouth, it's only a matter of time before his strength fails. After the fight, Groundskeeper Willie and toothy are left crawling out of the pond, missing his lower half.

As he crawls for safety, a huge whale emerges from the pond and lands on top of him. Slipping back into the pond, the whale reveals Groundskeeper Willie and toothy only as a pool of blood and random chunks of skin. Then, finally jumping into action, Torn throws a life preserver to Groundskeeper Willie and toothy' remains, a little too late to save his poor friend.


  1. Groundskeeper Willie and toothy is tortured by many animals and later a whale crushes Trippy, leaving only a pool of blood, chunks of fur, and an eye.


"Don't breathe under water!"

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