Splendid kill Flippy
And the winner remains Splendid!
Internet Season: 3
Episode Number: 13
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
The Mole
Disco Bear
Lifty & Shifty
Previous Episode Mall-oween
Next Episode Fire, Fire, Pants on Fire Part 1

Welcome To My Knife is an episode of the Happy Tree Friends internet series.


Flippy is at a Fourth of July party. The fireworks are about to start, thus it is announced. Everyone walks to chairs outside to watch the fireworks. The fireworks give Flippy a flashback and makes him flip-out. He takes out his bowie knife, and climbs a giant tree and re-routes the firework, making it go back to the ground and kill Pop.

Everyone shrieks in terror as a few sparks come from the fire started by the firework and hit Cub, setting him on fire. Cub runs around yelling, and Flippy runs towards him and cuts him up with his bowie knife. The fire stops, and when Flippy kills Petunia and Handy, everyone screams and yells and shrieks and cries, hoping for a hero to come-and their wish has came true when Splendid hears this and flies towards.

Splendid lands in the middle of it, with Flippy stabbing numerous people with his bowie knife. Flippy sees Splendid and runs up a tree. When Splendid tries flying up to him, but Flippy re-routes another firework and it sets Splendid on fire. Splendid jumps in the lake and wets himself.

Splendid flies up to him again, only for Flippy to re-route another firework, but this time Splendid avoids it and punches Flippy off the tree. Lumpy, Mime, and Toothy (the only survivors of the group) gasp in horror when Flippy is bloody and mushy. Splendid comes up to him, and to stop his murdering habbit, Splendid intentionally uses his strength to rip off his entire head.

Splendid goes and starts some more fireworks, and the firework suddenly hits Splendid and sets him on fire, and he flies back into the lake again.
Flippy Vs Splendid

Flippy's death.


"A good fight should have a good winner!"


  1. Pop is hit by a firework.
  2. Cub is set on fire and cut by a bowie knife.
  3. Petunia and Handy are both cut by a bowie knife.
  4. Cuddles, Giggles, Sniffles, Nutty, Flaky, The Mole, Disco Bear, Russell, Lifty, Shifty, and Hippy are cut by bowie knives (deaths off-screen).
  5. Flippy's head is ripped off.


  1. The title is a play on Welcome to my Life, a song by Simple Plan.
  2. The only main canon characters not to appear in this episode were Cro-Marmot and Mr. Pickels.
  3. Flippy is the last character to die in Season 4 (the season finale, Fire, Fire, Pants on Fire Part 1 would have no deaths).
  4. This is the only episode covered in seasons found in Fourth of July Celebration.
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