And you thought toy guns were bad...

What Goes Around
is the first episode of Aussie Outback Friends. This episode introduces Joey the hopping kangaroo, Kuddly the cute koala, Hairy the wombat, and Platto the confused dimwitted platypus.


Starring Roles


Platto opens his door and sees a box. He opens it and happily finds a boomerang. He looks around and then sees Joey. He asks Joey to play with him and then throws the boomerang. The boomerang unexpectedly slices through Joey's head.

Platto sees a remote control in the box and decides to test it out. Oblivious to him, the boomerang was being controlled by the remote. As Platto pushes some buttons, the boomerang shoots lasers. Nearby, Kuddly sniffs some flowers, but they get blasted by the boomerang lasers. Kuddly runs for her life as the boomerang follows after her.

Platto pushes a button that turns the boomerang into a saw. Hairy, sleeping on a rock, is awakened by the noise. He sees Kuddly running by, but the boomerang saws him in half just before he could notice. Kuddly finds safety under a tree. However, the boomerang slices through the top of the tree, making it fall and crush her.

The boomerang comes spinning back. The remote short fuses and explodes, causing the boomerang to turn back to normal. Platto catches it by the hand. Platto seems unimpressed by the remote control because he thought it didn't do anything. He threw away the remote, but it spun back like a boomerang and hit his head.


"What goes around comes around!"


  1. Joey is sliced through the head.
  2. Hairy is sliced in half.
  3. Kuddly is crushed by a tree.


  1. Platto is hit by the boomerang remote.


  • This is the pilot episode of Aussie Outback Friends.
  • The moral is same as in the HTF episode "Gimmy my Lunch Money".

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