Fish Upon a Star
Russell knows how to catch a small fish...
But he is about to learn to be careful.
Internet Season: 3
Episode Number: 3
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
The Mole
When You Fish Upon a Star02:43

When You Fish Upon a Star

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When You Fish Upon A Star is a fan-made episode of happy Tree Friends created by YouTube user Yudhaikeledai.


Russell is fishing and gets a really small fish, and throws it into his ship. Cuddles and Toothy are then seen underwater, where Russell's fishing hook hangs onto Cuddles' air suit. Cuddles is bitten by a sea turtle.

The fishing hook rips off part of Cuddles' suit, and the air blows them back, impaling Toothy. Russell's hat falls off. Cuddles then blows up into Russell, who flies into a plane flown by Pop.

The Mole "watches" the explosion and thinks about a shooting star.


It's either sink or swim!


  1. Toothy is impaled on a rock.
  2. Cuddles explodes from his air suit.
  3. Russell is hit by Cuddles.
  4. Pop, Handy, Flaky, Flippy, Lumpy, and Giggles likely die when the plane explodes.


  1. In the intro, Russell's name is mispelled as "Russel".
  2. In the intro, it doesn't say "and..." on top of Toothy's name even though his name came after Russell's and Cuddles'.


  1. This is one of a few instances where Pop appears without Cub.
  2. The plane is titled "Oops Airlines".
  3. Lumpy seemed to enjoy the plane explosion.
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