Who Cut the Cheese? is a fanon episode of HTF. In this episode, Cheesy gets bad breath.
Bad breath

I don't think even Fungus would like to smell Cheesy's breath right now.






Cheesy opens his fridge for something to eat. He finds an old stinky wedge of cheese in the back, so he pulls it out and takes a bite, putting the rest in his pocket. Soon going outside for a walk, he says hello to a passing Minttles, oblivious that the cheese has affected his breath. At the smell of it, Minttles throws up.

Stacy finishes cleaning her window, when she spots Cheesy breathing on the glass and then drawing on it. He tells her he drew a picture of cheese, once again releasing his unpleasant breath. Because of this, Stacy sprays the glass and wipes it to the point of shattering her window.

Flipper is seen sleeping on a bench. As he snores, he inhales Cheesy's breath and awakens in terror, falling off. When Filthy flies overhead, even he couldn't stand the putrid smell and plummets to the ground, losing many of his feathers.

That night, Stacy and Flipper meet Minttles to talk about a plan. As Cheesy walks home, he stops to look at Flipper in his inflatable cheese suit. Cheesy is shown standing on a target, and Minttles - sitting on his roof - slingshots a breath mint toward him. But at the last second, Cheesy bends over for a coin on the ground. The mint misses him, bounces off Flipper's suit, and hits Minttles in the eye.

Sneaking up from behind, Stacy grabs Cheesy and sprays a deodorizer into his mouth, making him choke. A hungry Flipper bites onto his suit and causes it to deflate, flying through the air like a balloon. He smashes through Cheesy and the rest of his cheese flies out of his pocket. It lands on Stacy's head, bringing her to a panic attack. Flipper falls on her and gets the cheese in his mouth, chewing it to find that it tastes better than it smells.


  1. Minttles is hit in the eye by a mint.
  2. Cheesy is splattered by Flipper.
  3. Stacy is crushed by Flipper.


  • The title is referenced from an idiom having to do with farts. In a similar manner, the characters in this episode were disgusted by the smell Cheesy has been leaving.
  • Flipper is responsible for every death in the episode, though Cheesy had a hand in Minttles death along with Minttles himself. 

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