Wild West Side is the 5th episode of Season 7.

The tornado about to destroy the town.



  1. Howdy


  1. Superspeed
  2. Trippy
  3. Xinx
  4. Flicky


  1. Cheesy
  2. Buddy
  3. Puffy
  4. Gutsy
  5. Spot
  6. Waddles
  7. Spoke
  8. Peppery
  9. Nippy


Trippy and Superspeed are having a gun fight in the Wild West. They pull out bigger and better guns. Meanwhile, Howdy is in the saloon with Xinx and Flicky. He hears the guns firing and decides to go out there. Trippy gets shot by Howdy.

Superspeed screams at Trippy's death and runs away. Howdy sadly walks over to the mine, where Cheesy and Buddy are working. Howdy asks them how they're doing and Cheesy and Buddy just laugh. They laugh so much, they throw dynamite all over the place. The dynamite explodes and kills Cheesy and Buddy.

Farther into the mine, Spot is working and Waddles appears in a mine cart and runs over Spot.

Howdy enters the scene, only to find he's too late. He decides to go back into the saloon. Back inside, Puffy and Gutsy are playing Poker. Howdy sits in the bar desk again but accidentally points his gun at them. He shoots and kills Puffy, Gutsy and Superspeed (who just walked in).

Suddenly a tornado strikes town and kills everyone except Howdy, Xinx and Flicky.

Howdy orders his drink, but when he finishes he accidentally hits Flicky, killing her. Howdy screams and holds up a sign saying "I'm outta here" and leaves.


"Write a poem!"


  1. Trippy is shot by Howdy
  2. Cheesy and Buddy are killed by dynamite
  3. Spot is run over by Waddles' mine cart
  4. Puffy, Gutsy and Superspeed are shot by Howdy
  5. Waddles, Spoke, Peppery and Nippy are sucked into a tornado
  6. Flicky is killed by glass


  1. The part where Trippy and Superspeed are pulling out bigger, better guns is a reference to an Itchy & Scratchy cartoon where Itchy and Scratchy pull out bigger and better guns and Itchy shoots, sending Scratchy to the sun.
  2. This is the first starring role where Howdy survives.

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