Wise Noises is an episode of Happy Tree Friends. This episode introduces Mia, the cyan fox who loves the outdoors.





Mia walks outside and inhales deeply. She walks around and meets Toothy. Once they begin to play with each other, they suddenly hear a lot of strange noises. They think it comes from Hippy and they walk to his house.

They see Flippy, Ale, and Nippy, all flipped-out, arguing about who to kill Hippy. Mia makes a hand gesture to Hippy to run away, but the trio sees all three of them. Mia gasps and they all split up.

Flippy has almost killed Hippy completely, as Hippy is almost shredded to his head. Ale has killed Toothy already, as his head was decapitated. But Nippy hasen't even got close to Mia yet.

Once they see Mia as the only one left, they all walk up to her, but then argue again about who to kill Mia. Mia walks away and trips over a rock, and her arms suddenly splatter somehow.


"It's always great to make new friends!"


  • Toothy's head was decapitated.


  • Mia trips over a rock.
  • Flippy nearly kills Hippy, just about shredding his head.


  • This is the debut appearance of Mia.
  • The title is a parody of the horror movie, White Noise.

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