Hole Park

It's an amazing...well, unless he falls down.

Wishing You Well is an episode of Aussie Outback Friends.




Pup walks along the park and sits down on a bench. Glider comes by with a lollipop. Suddenly, he drops the lollipop in a well and sighs. He shrugs and flies away, not noticing Pup walking towards the well.

Pup looks inside and sees a penny on the ground next to him. Pup drops the penny in, but then he falls in himself. Glider is suddenly interupted making pancakes by his screams and flies away.

Glider sees Pup inside the well and flies in to get him. After a long fly down, Glider is exhausted due to the length of the well. He finally gets to the bottom and reaches for Pup. It is revealed that part of the skin on Pup's face has been ripped off by the friction.

Glider gets Pup and flies back up. Remembering how high it was, he does it really quickly and flies so fast that the rest of the skin on Pup's face rips off. Glider notices what he has done and drops him in the well again, pretending not to notice.


"If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing right!"


  • Pup's remaining facial skin is ripped off.


  • (Before death) Some of Pup's facial skin is ripped off by the friction on the sides of the well.


  • The well may be a reference to "A Hole Lotta Love".
  • Pup's death is similiar to Giggles' death in "Better Off Bread".
  • Pup's injury, just before death, is similiar to Cub's injury in "As You Wish".
  • The moral is the same as in the canon HTF episode "The Wrong Side of the Tracks".
  • This is the first AOF episode for Pup to appear without Dingo.
  • Glider was originally going to notice his house on fire (from abandoning the pancakes) and be burnt down from the fire. The scene was deleted for an unknown reason. If it wasn't deleted, it would mark Glider's first death.
  • Pup didn't seem to notice the lollipop on the ground of the well. It could have been dirty, juding by how dirty the ground looks.
  • This episode is when Waterclam joined the AOF crew.

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