Wishing You Well is a fan episode.

Starring Roles

  • Flaky
  • Russell

Featuring Roles

  • Lammy
  • Lumpy
  • Mime
  • Lifty and Shifty
  • Nutty
  • Cuddles
  • Toothy
  • Giggles


The gang is eating lunch in the park when Russell shows up, holding a map. He tells them that it's a treasure map and they should all go looking for the treasure. Everyone is excited and agrees except for Flaky who is dragged into doing it by Cuddles. The map soon leads the gang to an old well. Luckily, the old rope is still intact and they climb it into the well. Finally, only Lammy is on the rope, but before she reaches the bottom, the rope snaps, trapping the gang. But, they head onwards. Soon they find a large chamber and in it lies a pile of gold coins. Lifty and Shifty run towards it and Flaky tries to tell them that it could be a trap, but they don't listen. As soon as they pick up one coin, a bunch of spikes pops up, impaling the brothers and everyone panics and ends up getting separated. Cuddles, Lammy, and Toothy find themselves in a long cavern with small holes on the wall. Toothy steps forward, and suddenly a million darts shoot out of the walls and hit Toothy. Cuddles and Lammy try to go back, but the path is blocked and they have to go forward instead. Cuddles notices that some of the parts of the floor are discolored. Cuddles moves forward carefully avoiding these spots with Lammy behind. Soon, they find a different chamber and see Russell, Flaky, Mime, and Giggles. They all yell in joy when suddenly Lumpy runs out from a different chamber, folllowed by Nutty and a giant boulder that crushes Nutty and Lammy. Suddenly, a passage opens and the gang heads in and finds a giant chamber. On the other end, there's an exit and a treasure chest. The gang cheers and heads towards the exit and chest, but suddenly the ground breaks and Giggles and Lumpy fall down and land on a bunch of spikes. Flaky and Mime run towards the exit, but Cuddles and Russell reach the chest and open it, only for a blade to pop out and behead them. Flaky and Mime are then seen exiting from a hole behind a bush by the well.


All's well that ends in a well.


  • Lifty and Shifty are impaled by spikes.
  • Toothy is shot by darts.
  • Lammy and Nutty are crushed by a boulder.
  • Giggles and Lumpy fall into a spike pit.
  • Cuddles and Russell are beheaded.


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