Rosy's dream (base by Veridiann)

This is the music video for the hit song "Without a Hitch" (not to be confused with the episode of the same name). It Involves different difficult relationships, including Flaky and Flippy, Rosy and Mime, and many more.





1. Mime (and debatably Rosy) falls into a pit of fire.

2. All 5 band members of Infinity Squared are sliced in various places by Rosy.

3. Clumsy is split in half by Flaky's quills.

4. Lumpy is sliced into pieces by Rosy's rope.

5. Nutty is run over by Flaky's truck (debatable).

6. Cuddles is flattened by a truck.

7. 9 Generic Tree Friends are killed the same way as Infinity Squared.


1. Flaky is used as a mace, ripping most of her quills and causing her to bleed.

2. Petunia's face is ripped off.

3. Giggles And Cuddles's




  • This is the second time real life band members appeared in an episode. The first was Fall Out Boy.
  • Some scenes reference several episodes including "The Great Escape", and "Wingin' It".
  • This is one of the few episodes where a large cast appears, but only half of them survive.

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