Trippy's day, is going to get worse
Internet Season: 2
Episode Number: 13
Starring Roles
Trippy Ale
Featuring Roles
Previous Episode ???
Next Episode Dont Be Shaky Flaky

Trippy goes for a ride with Ale .


It all starts as Trippy is driving in his Taxi. He then pulls up and sees Ale who is looking for a ride. She gets in and puts on her seatbelt. She then goes through her bag to pull out a piano wire and chokes Trippy with it. He screams and his head then gets cut off by the wire. It turns out it was just his imagination. She really just pulled out a sandwhich. Then they hear a poping sound. Trippy sees that he has a flat tire. Ale sees it too and goes to her bag and pulls out a hammer. Trippy is confused why she needs a hammer and smashes his head in with it and pulls his eye out with the edge. That was also his imagination. She really pulled out another tire to fix it. Has they get back in the car Trippy is terrified that Ale may turn evil and kill him. So out of nowhere he starts to scream with his eyes closed. Ale then slaps him to wake up until they crash into a post and Trippy flies through the window. He sees Ale in the car with a blood shot eye and a scrathed up face. Trippy appears in front of her. Ale thinks that he's going to save her. But Trippy picks up some glass from the ground and stabs her in the eye. Ale screams and tries to get up but her seat belt is on too tight. Trippy smiles and runs away. Until Britton comes in a truck and runs over the car. Killing Ale. Trippy is releved, until Britton soon runs him over too.


  • " The road to hell is paved with good intentions


  1. Ale is run over by Britton's Truck
  2. Trippy is also run over by Britton's Truck
  3. Trippy had multiple imaginary deaths
  • He was choked with a piano wire
  • He was smashed by a hammer and had his eye taken out by the edge


  • Even though Trippy attempted to kill Ale, Britton did.
  • Britton killed everyone in this episode by accident.
  • This is the first time Trippy actually ment to kill or hurt someone.
  • This is the only episode where Ale didn't kill or hurt someone.

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