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Yin and Yang are fan characters.

Character Info

Yin and Yang are twins, they are also bears, Yin is white with a black circle on the side of her face. She is neat and nice with a sunny disposition. Yang is black with a white circle on the side of his face. He is messy and rude with a bit of loner. Despite their differences they get along very well.

Also it was revealed in Opposites Attract, both twins have a crush on Posy and Negy, Yin with Negy and Yang with Posy.

Episode roles

Starring Roles

Featuring Roles


  1. Polar Ice'd: Yang's skull is cracked, Yin tears her face off.
  2. Lights out: Yang is electrocuted, Yin is cut by glass.
  3. Play Grounded: Yin is crushed, Yang is shredded
  4. Scream Girls: A light falls on Yin
  5. Intestine To Be: Intestines are pulled out
  6. Tick-tocked Off; Yin is scrushed by a shelf. Yang falls on an alarm clock and it pops out the back of his head.
  7. Opposites Attract: Yin is killed when the diner explodes. Yang is crushed by a stove.
  8. Dirty Dozen: Yang is hit in the ye by corn on the cob.


  • Yin and Yang were originally going to be arrmadillos but it was changed.


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