Yin and Yang are fan characters.

Yin and yang

Character Info

Yin and Yang are black and white pandas who happen to be twins. Yin is the sister of the duo and mostly white while Yang is the brother and mostly black. The twins are very close and care dearly for each other but also have very contrasting personalities. Despite this they are rarely seen apart and never really argue.

Yin is very neat and orderly while Yang is messy and chaotic. Yin loves to keep things in order and enjoys helping others. If she sees another person struggling with a task she will rush to help and is always making sure things are in proper order. Yang craves disorder and loves to mess things up, purposely making things harder for others and ruining things to spread chaos. Despite how they act also, both show hints of the others personality. Yin usually rushes into things while Yang usually plans stuff out. Also despite their opposite personalizes, both will assist the other with what they might be doing.

Their deaths usually oppose each others. ((E.I. if Yin drowns, Yang will burn))

Episode roles

Starring Roles

Featuring Roles


  1. Polar Ice'd: Yang's skull is cracked, Yin tears her face off.
  2. Lights out: Yang is electrocuted, Yin is cut by glass.
  3. Play Grounded: Yin is crushed, Yang is shredded
  4. Scream Girls: A light falls on Yin
  5. Intestine To Be: Intestines are pulled out
  6. Tick-tocked Off; Yin is scrushed by a shelf. Yang falls on an alarm clock and it pops out the back of his head.
  7. Opposites Attract: Yin is killed when the diner explodes. Yang is crushed by a stove.
  8. Dirty Dozen: Yang is hit in the ye by corn on the cob.


  • Yin and Yang were originally going to be arrmadillos but it was changed.
  • THe twins were originally regular bears but where changed to pandas much later on.


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