Starring Roles

Featuring Roles

  • Generic Tree Friends


It's a busy morning for Superspeed. Today, he has to go to a birthday party for Spook, has to go out of town for something for Mom because he broke something, and gets to play some video games. He is making the cake for Spook while cutting his shirt (for some reason), after getting out of the shower with a towel around his waist. Suddenly the doorbell rings and Superspeed stops to go see who it is. It is Rose selling candy for school as a fundraiser. She asks Superspeed if he wants some candy and, Superspeed thinks about it. Suddenly the wind blows his towel off and Rose notices. When she looks back at Superspeed, she sees his private area and screams. Superspeed, still can't decide, hears Rose and looks down. Seeing he accidentally exposed himself to Rose, he screams. He covers himself and runs for some clothes. He trips and is flinged back at Rose, landing on the road, his body being on top of her. They blush, and when Superspeed gets up, Rose is ran over. When Superspeed gets up, he realizes he's in front of a park with Cuddles, Giggles, Mom, Baby, and other tree friends. Pointing and laughing at him, he runs away embarassed and is suddenly hit by a car, which flings him into a sign, where he falls onto the ground. When he tries to get up, he is suddenly crushed by the edge of the sign.


  • Rose is ran over by a car.
  • Superspeed is crushed by a sign.


  • Superspeed wears his hat even if he just got out the shower.
  • Rose selling candy as a fundraiser is based off what Rocko is doing at his school.
  • Superspeed is exposed to everyone, but still had his hat on.
  • Cuddles doesn't die in this episode, which is rare in Rocko's episodes.

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