Hide N Go Shreek
Rip leaves Ava and Trippy a little suprise!
Internet Season: 4
Episode Number: 7
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Previous Episode Far Up Lie
Next Episode Next-box 360


It's night time in the park of HTF Town, and Rip, Trippy, and Ava are at the park staring at the night sky. Trippy and Ava keep looking at the night sky amused, while Rip just looks at them like they're crazy. Rip tells them that this is boring and that he would be leaving. Trippy and Ava tell him good night as he walks away. Trippy then pulls out some pie that he bought to share with Ava. Trippy then pulls out a knife to cut the pie, until Rip sees the knife and begins to flip out. But, Rip doesn't head for Trippy and Ava, he heads for people nearby. He sees Flaky come from the store. Flaky looks at him and sees that he has flipped out. She then screams and runs dropping her groceries. Rip jumps at her and chokes her to death. He then sees Puffy walking down the street, and eaisly kills him by throwing a bowie knife at him. Now that he has killed everyone in sight, he heads for Trippy and Ava back at the park. Rip watches them as they are about to eat the pie. As a distraction, Rip throws a rock across the field. As Trippy and Ava look around to see what the sound was, Rip quickly puts an activated bomb in the pie. As they both begin to eat the pie the both feel something hard. Ava pulls out the hard item, which turns out to be a bomb. They both seem confused about the bomb and it later explodes in their faces, killing them both.


  • Flaky is choked to death by Rip
  • Puffy had a knife thrown at him by Rip
  • Trippy and Ava blew up when the bomb went off in their faces
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