You Can't Beach Me is the season finale of HTFF.
Beach me

Hawkeye puts on sunscreen






Lazy arrives at the beach and lays down on a chair happily. Billy, Willy, and Milly also arrive, and Billy runs up to the water in his bathing suit. Meanwhile, Howdy is trying to go deep into the water to "find treasure", with no good results. He sees a small hole, and opens it, which leaks some water that sprays Howdy hard in the face. When Howdy closes the hole, Howdy's face is splattered, and his hat falls on his neck.

Licky is licking the sand, hoping to find something. He catches an ant and eats it. He tries to find something else in the sand, but another ant cuts him with a seashell, causing him to bleed to death. The dead ant falls out with his head decapitated.

Spot has fun in the water, and suddenly bubbles appear under him, and a small explosion is heard, and it is revealed Waddles put a bomb under him. Lazy walks under water, and gets sleepy. Suddenly, he falls asleep, floating on the water.

Willy rests down on his chair, reading a book. Milly, however, swims in the water to make sure Billy doesn't cause any trouble. Hawkeye arrives in her bathing suit, and has fun at the beach. A wave comes, causing many people trouble. Hawkeye helps them by bringing everyone over the wave, from Pranky, to Cheesy, to Gutsy, to Crafty, to Fungus, to Wooly, to Lazy, to Billy, to Milly, and to Pierce.

Hawkeye is crowded with cameras, everyone happy to have her save them. Hawkeye flies up and away, going back to her hotel. Apparently, another wave comes and drowns them all. Meanwhile, Billy sits on his chair, still focused on his book.


"Don't make waves!"


  • Howdy is splattered by water shooting out of a leak.
  • An ant has his head decapitated when being chewed by Licky.
  • Licky's body is cut open by a seashell and he bleeds to death.
  • Spot dies when a bomb explodes under him.
  • Pranky, Cheesy, Gutsy, Pierce, Crafty, Fungus, Wooly, Lazy, Willy, and Milly die from drowning in a wave.


  • Truffles can be seen behind a palm tree at the beginning.
  • This is the last episode of Season 11.
  • The moral is the same as in Wipe Out.

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