Starring Roles

Featuring Roles

  • Giggles
  • Rose
  • Lumpy
  • Cuddles
  • Spook
  • Mom
  • Baby


Superspeed is walking to the store, where he trips when walking in. Embrassing himself in front of Giggles, Rose, Lumpy, and Cuddles, he looks around. He finds some apples. Superspeed reaches for them, loses his balance, and falls over, causing all the items on the other side to fall off and crush Spook, who was searching for apples. Superspeed walks away, unknown to what happened. As he goes, he trips again, knocking a buggy down and crashing into Cuddles, slicing him into bits. Superspeed goes to the cake center, and asks Lumpy for a big cake. Lumpy begins searching for the cake, and gives Superspeed the one. Superspeed walks away where he trips and the cake flies toward Giggles, where it smashes on her, causing her to fall over and sets off the fire alarm. Now everyone went crazy and ran around. Superspeed is awful confused when the building actually catches fire, and finally explodes. Superspeed is sent into the air on fire, where he loses force and falls to his death. Where a bunch of bodies are laying by (Rose, Lumpy, Giggles). Later Mom and Baby arrive only to see a building on fire, which a piece catches Baby on fire, where she runs around, and gets ran over.


  • Spook is crushed under the items.
  • Cuddles is sliced to bits.
  • Giggles, Rose, and Lumpy are either burned to death or died in the explosian.
  • Superspeed falls to his death.
  • Baby is ran over.


  • Superspeed killed everyone in this episode.
  • Superspeed seems to be very clusmy.
  • Mom is the only surivor for the 6th time, suriving 7 times with no deaths.
  • This is one of the few episodes that has deaths caused by Superspeed.

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