A sketch of Ziggy

Meet Ziggy, the eccentric Ferret.


Ziggy is a bookworm, he LOVES books, in fact,he loves to learn. As his design may imply,he runs a library/is a librarian. He is a friendly little critter, and curious as well. Often times, however, this curiosity leads to his unfortionate downfall.Even though he has nice qualities, he is easily startled, and is a bit skiddish towards sudden things. He likes peace and quiet, and will not stop to hush any noise disrupting his reading time.


Ziggy is a White Ferret. He has a curly fluff on the top of his head,and fluffy fronds on the side of his head. He wears a red bowtie and a mocha colored sweater. He sports tiny spectacles and a fluffly tail. He is normally seen carring a green book.

Happy halloween by soapybacon-d4emw54

Ziggy being hung by Halloween decorations.

Ziggy at by computerwar-d4dcsur



Ziggy likes to read, organize, and be in quiet places..When he can find one!


He doesn't like loud noises,(( A slight reference of how steriotypical librarians are always saying,"Ssh! Quiet in the library!")) Papercuts, and disorganized clutter.


Ziggy likes to read, collect books, and write his own stories to publish for other Tree Friends to read!


Ziggy normally dies by being crushed, choked/suffocated, or some other death involving his heart.

First Death: He was putting a book back on a high shelf,and fell off the latter, survived, but only to be crushed to death by a large pile of books.

Kills: He has yet to kill anyone.


Ziggy got his name from a friend's loved, and departed ferret, who's name was "Zig Zag".

He is normally always carrying a green book with two squiggles on it, which has come to be a gag.

Sometimes, Ziggy likes to wear hats. ;D

He likes to make new friends. ( And always gets them books for their birthdays. D: )

At ziggy by htfman114-d4bntmt


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