Screenshot Doom 20120214 210148

Ziggles ambushed by 2 Robo Star clones and 2 Trippy Clones (For Zigz Rampage)

This was going to be a wad for GZDoom but the creator won't finish it for 2 reasons:

1. He is terrible at computer drawing.

2. He's kinda lazy.


Ziggles has just exorcised and gotten rid of Zigz but this does not completely kill Zigz. One day, a new machine was made to replace the dead tree friends who died from the episodes. However, seeing Zigz, the machine creates a lot of Zigz and they possess the new clones of the machine, turning them into brutal killers. Ziggles must stop this outbreak and finish off Zigz for good.


  • Zombiemen are replaced by Trippy clones. They are the weakest and carry pistols (20hp).
  • Shotgun guys are replaced by Superspeed clones. They are stronger then Zombiemen but are still weak, carries a shotgun (30hp).
  • Chaingun guy are replaced by Robo Star clones. They are the strongest of the Zombie class but are easy when alone. Carries a Tommy Gun (70hp).
  • Imps are replaced by Clumsy Clones. They throw fireballs and are the weakest "demon" type (60hp).
  • Demons are replaced by Danger clones. They charge and slash with a sword (150hp).
  • Mancubus' are replaced by Fatty clones. So far they are the strongest ones edited (the creator didn't change all of them). Carries 2 duel flamethrowers that shoot fire balls (600hp).

Screenshot Doom 20120214 210256

Ziggles looks at all the mess she caused without Zigz in her (all the dead Trippys, Superspeeds, and Robo Stars)

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