HTF OC Episode Number 20.



  • Danger


  • Cuddles
  • Handy
  • Mime
  • Shaky
  • Cheeky
  • Petunia
  • Nutty


Danger and his friends are walking across the street. Suddenly, Petunia runs in the scene with an infected arm. Handy, seeing his girlfriend in desperate pain, rushes to find some medicine. Cuddles and Danger comfort her. Cheeky starts screaming as loads of zombies appear. As the moon comes up, Petunia slowly transforms into a zombie due to the infection. Everyone starts running. Nutty drops a candy bar, and runs back to get it. A zombie then turns Nutty into a zombie. Cheeky spots a tree house, and, due to him being a monkey, climbs up to the top first. As Mime helps Shaky up, Zombie Nutty grabs Mime. Shaky, seeing her friend get turned into a zombie, starts shrieking. Handy rushes back with the medicine, but he's too late. Seeing Petunia zombiefied, he drops it in shock. Zombie Mime grabs Handy, while Cuddles jumps on Mime's back trying to let go of Handy. Sadly, both Handy and Cuddles are zombiefied. Danger finds a fire extinguisher. The zombies start to break the tree house, making Cheeky and Shaky fall off. Due to the fall on the zombies, the two are zombiefied. Danger prepares to fire, and kills all the zombies with it.


  1. Petunia gets killed by serious injuries. Revived as a zombie, later killed again by Danger.
  2. Nutty dies of arm infection. Revived as a zombie, later to be killed by Danger.
  3. Mime gets killed by zombiefied Nutty. Revived as a zombie, later to be killed by Danger.
  4. Handy gets killed by zombiefied Mime. Revived as a zombie, late killed by Danger.
  5. Cuddles dies while trying to save Handy. Revived as a zombie, later killed by Danger.
  6. Cheeky breaks his back. Revived as a zombie, later killed by Danger.
  7. Shaky breaks her back. Revived as a zombie, later killed by Danger.

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