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Inside a big apartment. Robo Star, Superspeed and Trippy turn on the TV to watch the news. When they see about crazed citizens biting other people and making them insane, they all start thinking "zombies!" They barricade they're windows and doors and start looking for weapons

The Player can control any of the characters. Each have a special move, a upside, and a downside.

Trippy is the fastest of the characters. However, he does less damage to zombies and also has the lowest HP of the other 2 playable characters. His special move is "Fly Away!". Where he can use his wings to fly up and reach things the other characters cannot get up normally.

RoboStar is average at speed. he also does average damage and sports a normal HP of the other 2 playable characters. His special is "Defend em". He would pull out a Riot Shield and he would take less damage. At the cost of this, he moves slower

Superspeed is the slowest at speed. However, he does the highest damage and sports a high HP of the other 2 playable characters. His special is "Charge!". He will pull out a war horn and plays it. Everyone around him does more damage.

The levels.

Level 1 is the apartment the trio live in. They must fight through zombies with a few being able to run. There are no survivors besides them here.

Level 2 is the Police Station. The zombie ammount is very high here. Weapon zombies first appear (carrying hammers and cleavers). There is a survivor and his name is Spite

Level 3 is the Mall. The amount of zombies is EXTREMELY high here. Sometimes when resting in a safe zone, a bandit will try to raid the foods. He is very weak and can be taken out easily. Other then that the only survivor here is Fungus

The last level is the Hospital. This is the last zombie stronghold and the only place left with zombies here. As this is the stronghold, Zombies are all over the place. This is the only level with Soldier and SWAT zombies (they wear body armor). There is no survivors here.

After clearing the last level, the trio (or five if Spite and Fungus makes it through) escapes to the forest and barricade themselves near the beach. Where now it becomes a tower-defense like game.

After clearing the tower-defense game, the trio (or five or four) are rescued by a helicopter piloted by Fatty with Howdy inside. However just before they can reach safety, Howdy is revelaed to have been bitten. He turns into a zombie and attacks Fatty causing the Helicopter to crash, leading to its sequel.

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