It starts with Robo Star and Superspeed in their car, driving. They hear a growl but ignore it. Just then something is ran over by a car and the car crashes. 2 days later Cheeks and Cuddles (who are crime investigators) here this on the news and goes there to investigate. They arrive there to see a dead Trippy crushed by the car. Robo Star's corpse in the car apparently dead when it crashed. Cuddles notices a bloody trail near him and they follow it leading them to a Superspeed's half eaten corpse. Cheeks starts to think Superspeed was still alive when the car crashed and he was being dragged by someone and eaten. Just then they hear a growl they turn around and see Trippy zombiefied. Superspeed's corpse turns into a zombie and a zombie Robo Star joins in to. Cheeks and Cuddles look for something to use and from their backpacks, they find a baseball bat and a crowbar. They swing killing the zombies and escape

(someone finish the plot I can't think of an idea.)

Deaths(so far)

Trippy was ran over

Robo Star died in the crash

Superspeed was dragged by a zombie and eaten.

There zombie selfs were killed by Cheeks and Cuddles.

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